Core Team



Brand Ambassador

As our company is hiring professionals with well-furnished careers, So, Mr Usama was our first choice as a brand ambassador. Being an executive marketer, he has written so many journals and articles related to digital markets. His writings are much valuable for anyone, who is related to digital markets. At last, we pay humble thanks to him for being a…



Senior Advisor

Having a magnificent career, he has achieved a number of milestones in his professional tenure. We are honoured to have him among us as a senior advisor of our company. We surely hope to get benefit from his valuable suggestions.    



Founder & CEO

Syed Zaib has an excellent analyzing sill by which, he helps people earning handsome profit free cryptocurrency. Being a crypto analyst, he also provides crypto training all for free of cost. His blogs about crypto market own their unique value due to Syed’s great exposure to the crypto market. Most of his blogs have proved so helpful for beginners in…